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In the event of an accident, it is best to try to fill out a part with the other driver involved and in case of injury, notify the Local Police or the competent Authority Agents. In the same way, the authorities should be resorted to if the material damage is significant. In this case, the agents stationed at the Barcelona Urban Guard, Mossos d'Esquadra Trànsit, Civil Traffic Guard, the scene of the event will determine the causes of the accident and prepare the "certificate". 

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If you and any of the passengers in the vehicles have suffered injuries, you must request a "medical assistance report" at the Hospital stating that these damages have occurred as a result of the accident. This document is important because these parts will constitute important evidence in claiming compensation from insurance companies. At Legal Agora Car accident lawyers we will process all the paperwork and we will advise you on all the steps that must be taken so that you can be calm from your home or medical center if you have suffered injuries 

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