Divorce in Spain

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We advise those clients immersed in divorce or separation processes.

Our law firm is made up of an expert team with great negotiating skills to avoid unnecessary lawsuits. Sometimes sitting down at a table and raising controversial issues can settle a divorce amicably. Above all, we seek your well-being, tranquility and your children

Divorce by mutual agreement is the fastest procedure, and the cheapest in fees and personal troubles. It is therefore the most convenient at all levels, sitting at the table to negotiate with both lawyers until a friendly and peaceful response is found that leads to a regulatory divorce agreement to be approved in court with the corresponding sentence. Only in those cases amicably unfeasible, files a lawsuit, or in preservation of the rights of minors

Depending on whether it is about divorces with children or not, it will be faster or not, since with those the intervention of the Public Prosecutor will be necessary.

  • Separating from your spouse
  • Presenting mutually agreed proceedings for Spanish divorce
  • Spanish maintenance agreements
  • Registering Spanish divorces
  • Spanish Civil Partnerships
  • Dividing and separating joint held Spanish assets
  • Dealing with cross border family issues and contact with children
  • Child custody
  • Child abduction
  • Certificates of Spanish, English, Irish, Scottish law on aspects of Spanish divorce
  • Expert reports for foreign courts on Spanish Family Law

Always taking care of the interests of children, LEGAL AGORA BCN understands that they are the great treasure to protect in divorces, and with this we seek peaceful solutions that can equally satisfy both parents.

The contentious divorce in marital breakdown necessarily leads to settle the controversies in court, with the filing of a lawsuit and it will be in any case the Judge who will decide the measures that are necessary for each specific case, with preservation of the rights of minor children, through the divorce decree, by which, finally, the marriage will be dissolved.

In this divorce decree, the Judge will record everything related to the division of common property such as the family home, the compensatory pension, and other charges of the marriage, as well as the custody of the children,...

The non-payment of pensions has been a real headache for single-parent families after a marriage breakup, being that it is too frequent for non-payments to occur and sometimes "almost" with impunity before irresponsible parents