Lawyers specialising in commercial law. We offer personalised attention to your case with the maximum guarantees that we will resolve your problem in the way that is most beneficial to you. Among other services:

Commercial Contracts

Lawyers who are experts in commercial law will advise you on commercial contracts and financing formulas.

Directors' liability

Our Corporate Lawyers will advise you on how to bring a Directors' Liability Action.

Unfair Competition

Commercial lawyers who are experts in Unfair Competition

Patents and Trademarks

Our Patent and Trademark lawyer will look after your interests.

Breach of Contract

We specialise in Commercial Law: Contract management and breach of commercial contracts.

Challenging Company Agreements

We have a team of lawyers specialised in Commercial Law.

Liquidation of companies

Commercial lawyers specialised in commercial companies and liquidation of commercial companies.

Insolvency proceedings

Commercial lawyers specialising in insolvency proceedings.

Tax and labour inspections

Modification of company statutes

Legal assistance or representation at general meetings and board meetings

Claiming of amounts owed

Mergers and divisions of companies

Company dissolutions and liquidations

Corporate legal claims